VANSWE 2021 LAT Pulldown Machine Low Row Cable Pull Down

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The VANSWE LP003 Lat Pulldown Machine is an incredibly versatile item. This machine offers a range of lat, shoulder, and arm exercises with Lat bar and an adjustable lower utility T-bar.

Some of the exercises possible with the LP003 included tricep pull down, lat pull down, seated row, upright row, and standing arm curls. High density, dual-layered seat pad adjusts up or down in 4 positions, with a motion by pull pins.

The plate storage pegs, constructed with a continuous steel rod to ensure strength, hold both standard 1'' and 2'' Olympic size plates and are located directly below the carriage.


Brand Vanswe Fitness
Material Steel
Dimension 46.8'' x 24.2'' x 76''
Adjustable Seat height 15.5''-18.5''
Weight Capacity 250 lbs
Weight Peg 8.27''
Warranty 1 year for pad, 10 years for frame

Package Include:
1 x Lat Machine
1 x Lat Bar
1 x Low Row Bar
1 x Instruction

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Will Armentrout
Very pleased

Well built machine. Great price!

stephen mills
Great machine for the money

I would highly recommend this lap pulldown. It’s not really that hard to put together. It works really well.

Joseph S.
Does the Job

Had a slight issue with the welding on the base, Vanswe was quick to respond and give me a solution. Overall this thing is great, can’t complain for the price. Works well and smooth. I’m not looking to go too heavy as I use use it mainly for accessory movements. It really opens up a lot of varieties for accessory lifts in my home gym. Building it took less than an hour, well packaged.

Great Machine

This machine is perfect for home. I can do so many exercises on it. I highly recommend that anyone who is into working out buy one. It was very easy to put together and it is very sturdy.

Alex M
Awesome pulley system for home gym, with one big flaw

The Vanswe Lat Pulldown/Low Row Pulley Machine is an awesome addition to a home gym that already uses standard or olympic size weight plates. The price is reasonable and the construction is sturdy, at least from what I can tell after assembling it and using it once. The design of the moving parts is also quite good and it is very easy to change between lat pull down and low row.
The only complaints I have are:
1) (My biggest issue) When using olympic plates, the sleeve that is used as an adapter to the standard plate bar is not attached or tightened, and comes off very easily when removing weights. This is frustrating as it sometimes takes two hands to pull a weight off the bar, and you have to hold the adapter sleeve in place otherwise it will slide right off.
2) It is almost impossible to attach the seat so that it isn't crooked in reference to the frame of the machine. I noticed as I was installing it that the seat was askew, loosened the bolts, and tried again while holding the seat but it still ended up crooked. This is more of an issue of appearance and doesn't interfere with using the machine properly, but it's still a little annoying and a bit of an eyesore.
3) The build instructions were not easy to follow. There was no step-by-step guide on how to put it together, and a couple of items in the instructions aren't properly numbered. You can figure out which item the instructions are referring to via process of elimination, but it was frustrating.