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  • Sale -39% VANSWE Multi-Workout Abdominal Back Extension Bench Vanswe

    Vanswe VANSWE Multi-Workout Abdominal Back Extension Bench

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    VANSWE WB003 Abdominal Bench  This Hyperextension Bench is an fantastic piece of euqipment, you'll get a really good upper body and core workout, it's got a sturdy and great looking design and is made from high quality material, easy to assemble! If you need a heavy-duty bench that allows you to do an excellent upper body and core exercises, then this bench is a good choose! Exercise as Lower back extensions, sit-ups and reverse crunches, Dumbbell exercises. VANSWE Abdominal Bench's real weight capacity is 650 lbs, and user height range of 5' to 6'4". With 10 thigh support cushion height adjustments and 1 flat and 3 decline bench adjustments. Brand Vanswe Fitness Material Steel Dimension 60'' x 27'' x 33.5'' Weight Capacity 650 lbs Warranty 100 days pads. 10 years frame  

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  • Sale -48% VANSWE Folding Adjustable Weight Bench 2020 Vanswe

    Vanswe VANSWE Folding Adjustable Weight Bench 2022

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    If you’re looking for a folding weight bench that can fold up and stowaway when not in use (instead of taking up all kinds of floor space and valuable real estate in your home or garage when you aren’t working out) that look no further than this option! Rated to handle a 500 pound weight capacity right out of the gate but also able to fold up into multiple components so that it stores away as a 100% flatpack kind of system – but then is able to be deployed back in your home gym inside of about 30 seconds when you want to use it – there’s no better foldaway weight bench on the planet than this one right here.Providing full incline and decline capabilities (decline can go as low as -30° and incline can go as high as 85°), the seat of this foldaway weight bench is also able to be inclined or declined as well. This opens up a world of exercise opportunities you just won’t find with most other portable or foldaway weight bench options.   Brand Vanswe Fitness Material Steel Product Dimensions 52'' x 16'' x 19'' Weight Capacity 500 lbs Product Weight 32 lbs Warranty  30days on pads, 10 years on frame   Package Include: 1 x Folding weight bench 1 x Instruction  

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  • Sale -38% VANSWE 800 lbs Capacity Adjustable Workout Bench | New Design 2020 Vanswe

    Vanswe VANSWE 800 lbs Capacity Adjustable Workout Bench | WB001

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    DISCOUNT CODE: VANSWEWB001 VANSWE WB001 FID WEIGHT BENCH The Vanswe Fitness FID(Flat, Incline, Decline) Adjustable workout bench as part of the beginnings of putting together a Home Gym. Assembly was relatively straightforward, total assembly took about 20-30 minutes. Recommending max weight (person plus weights) of 800 pounds.   MULTIPLE INCLINE ANGLES This portable weight bench can be adjusted to 7 ladder positions (85°, 60°, 50°, 40°, 20°, 0°, -20°) and 3 different seat positions (0°, 10°, 20°), allows training positions from full decline to military press also full adjustable Flat, Incline, Decline.   STURDY AND STABLE You will pleased with fit and finish of the olympic weight bench. Assembled easily with good alignment of all bolts, 2.5'' pad with a good balance of firmness and thickness. There is little to no movement in the bench regardless of incline angle. The wheels work well for easy movement of the bench. The length and width of the bench provide good stability when lifting. All welds appeared smooth and solid.   Brand Vanswe Fitness Material Steel Dimension 61''x22.2''x18.1'' Warranty 30 days on pads, 10 years on frame Weight capacity 800 lbs Adjustments -20 to 85 degrees Ladder positions  7 Seating positions  3 Pad thickness 2.5'' Pad Gap 2.25'' Height  18.1''   Package Include: 1 x Weight bench set 1 x Instruction   Recommend use with power rack:  VANSWE POWER RACK PR001

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  • Sale -17% VANSWE 1000lbs Capacity Weight Bench Vanswe

    Vanswe VANSWE 1000lbs Capacity Weight Bench

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      VANSWE WB002 Weight bech  The WB002 adjustable bench is ideal for home and light commercial use, safety is not the only reason to buy a high quality bench, comfort is worth considering as well , this 2.5'' thick firm pad could give you comfort and support. We all know how dangerous if you buy a cheap bench to use, our VANSWE WB002 bench is a fully adjustable bench, it has an 11-gauge steel frame, and smooth to use adjustament ladder, and it has 7 total back pad angles ranging from -20° to +85°. This bench is heavy, strong and rock solid. From our cutomers bought this bench before, they told us this bench is a good value, we also sure you could enjoy your FID(Flat, Incline, Decline) fitness with this bench By the way, you could use this with our squat rack or power rack. Brand Vanswe Fitness Material Steel Dimension 58.3'' x 27.5'' x 17.7'' Seat position 0° 10° 15° 20° Ladder Position -20° 0° 20° 30° 50° 60° 85° Weight Capacity Over 1000- Pound Capacity Product Weight 81 lbs Warranty 100 days on pad, 10 years on frame  

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