The Best Suspension Trainer with Resistance Bands| Best Core Exercises

The Best Suspension Trainer with Resistance Bands| Best Core Exercises

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2 Unmissable Suspension Trainer and Resistance Bands

 suspension training

The number of US gym members continues to climb. Last year alone, an awesome 62.5 million gym members gave their blood, sweat, and tears to push themselves further and reach their fitness goals.

That number was a significant 2.6% increase from 2017 when there were 60.9 million gym members.

As the number of fitness fanatics continues to increase, so does the range of ingenious fitness equipment on the market. If you're looking to take your results to the next level and maximize your gains, you'll want to explore these options in more depth.

In this post, we'll take a closer look at the best suspension trainer and best resistance bands.


Suspension Trainer

Here's a closer look at why to use a suspension trainer and some of the best options on the market.

Why to Use a Suspension Trainer

Studies have shown that the use of suspension equipment can help people achieve amazing workout results in a host of areas.

In the past, many people understood that suspension exercises could help a person to achieve a higher level of stability. This worked to activate their stabilizing muscles and give them finer control when performing a range of exercises.

New research has demonstrated, however, that suspension exercises have even more potential as ab workouts, shoulder workouts, bicep exercises also core workout. It is a great way to develop your midsection - even if those exercises aren't specifically targeting that area.

What's more, suspension exercises also help to maximize muscle activation. The true potential of unstable training is only just being discovered and those exercises certainly deserve a spot in your workout routine.

This means that if you're hoping to maximize the potential of your workout, you should invest in a great suspension trainer.


The Best Suspension Trainer

Some people are intimidated by the equipment that might be required to achieve a great suspension workout. They believe that they don't have the necessary space or structure to effectively set up their workout station.

That isn't the case when it comes to the Vanswe Fitness Trainer Suspension Kit.

Our solution comes with everything that you need to unlock the potential of unstable training. Using our kit, you are able to improve your mobility and stability while lending a huge boost to your metabolic results.

The product makes a new range of exercises available to you, too, so that you can work on building strong lean muscle and core strength while also lending a huge boost to your functional strength.

Our kit comes with everything that you need. You'll find resistance straps, door attachments, travel bags, and much more.

The instructions are very clear and you will receive all of the hardware that you need to safely install a robust system that can sustain your weight. With this kit in your arsenal, it couldn't be easier to get started with a suspension workout.

Our users have achieved some incredible results over the years. A wide range of people uses the product, all the way from fitness freaks to people undergoing a physiotherapy routine.

Our suspension trainer comes at the best price possible, too, without sacrificing on quality at all. The product has been developed and refined over the years to use the best materials and manufacturing techniques while keeping costs as low as possible.

It's simple to get started with our product today, so don't hesitate to place your order. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to let us know!


Resistance Band

Resistance bands are just awesome and everybody should own a set of these versatile workout tools.

Here's a closer look at why these are so great and why their popularity continues to steadily increase.

Why to Use a Resistance Band

One of the big reasons that resistance bands are so popular is because they are incredibly convenient. If you're on the move or you have limited space, a set of weights and other workout tools would be unthinkable.

Resistance bands come in a small bag, though, and make it easy for you to get a workout wherever you are. There is a wide range of exercises that you can enjoy to build muscle and achieve amazing control over your movements.

Perhaps best of all, those exercises are flexible and they can be enjoyed by all people. With resistance bands, it's possible to get a full workout from a seated position - perfect if you have temporary or permanent mobility issues.

Even people who have regular access to a gym decide to use resistance bands, given that they can shake up familiar exercises and help to add variety to their workout.


The Best Resistance Band

Ready to unlock all those benefits and incorporate resistance bands into your workout? It's very important that you choose a high-quality option that you can trust to deliver the experience and results that you're hoping for.

There are a couple of particularly awesome resistance band options. Here's a closer look at those:

Vanswe Fitness Resistance Bands Set

This 12 piece set makes your workout as simple and effective as possible. You will find that the bands are color-coded and stackable, giving you the power to achieve an awesome 105 lbs of maximum resistance.

All of the items - including the deluxe accessories - come in a bag that is simple to carry. You will find that all of the items are of the highest quality, too, and they come in a bag that's simple to carry.

All of the bands are covered by an anti-snap promise - all of the latex is of the highest possible quality and they will not snap or dry out.


Option this combo from Vanswe Fitness comes with 1 suspension training kit and 1 resistance bands. All of the straps, bands and accessories come within an attractive and durable bag that makes transportation a breeze.

The product is also covered by a generous 100% satisfaction lifetime guarantee. We are so confident in the quality of our product that willing to give you your money back if it ever falls below your expectations.

The inclusion of a workout guide is a nice though, too, and it can help you to hit the ground running to get the most from this combo.



  • I bought from vanswe, item perfect for my home gym as well as the gym i work in. Great quality at low price.Maybe i want to say this is actually built BETTER than my TRX. Love it!



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