The Ultimate 5 Weight Bench and Products Introduction

The Ultimate 5 Workout Bench and Products Introduction

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Every home gym should be built around the weight bench that you invest in.

This is the central hub of any well outfitted gym, a flexible and versatile piece of equipment that opens up a world of training options that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Not only is a quality workout bench going to let you knock out some barbell bench presses and the myriad of variation, but it’s also going to help you pick out skull crushers, dumbbell rows and flies – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

This is why when it comes to purchasing new exercise equipment for your home gym you absolutely MUST zero in on a high quality bench that acts as the foundation for the rest of the equipment you invest in.

While the dozens and dozens of different options you might find on the market today may not look all that different from one another, there’s a world of difference between run-of-the-mill weight benches, average benches, and truly high-quality benches – and you always want to make sure that your landing as top-notch a weight bench as your budget can afford.

Not only does your new bench have to support your body weight but it also has to be able to handle ALL of the extra weight that you are going to be lifting. Right out of the gate that may not be putting all that much extra stress on your new weight bench (depending on a much experience you have working out), but later down the line – as you add pound after pound to your personal records – it can get pretty heavy.

You need a bench designed to grow as you do, a bench that is going to last a lifetime – a bench that is as future proof as can be.

Because you’re going to be using your weight bench so often you also need to make sure that your purchasing a piece of equipment that is comfortable and stable. Anyone that’s ever purchased a cheap office chair knows exactly how painful things can get almost right away, and anyone that’s ever switched to a more expensive but more ergonomically designed office chair understands that they are worth their weight in gold.

The exact same thing is true you’re talking about a weight bench.

When you slide underneath a bar that has 200+ pounds on it and you know all that forces going to be driving you into a flimsy weight bench with squishy foam and a plywood backing you know you’re in for a nightmare of a time.

On the flip side of things, when you slide under that same bar and know that you have next generation comfort foam – a couple of inches to protect your body and to stabilize you at the same time – and a steel frame or support your mind stops drifting to your bench and instead focuses entirely on your lifts.

We’ve covered a couple of the key considerations you’ll want to focus on when you inevitably pull the trigger on this piece of workout equipment. Now it’s time to dive into what we feel are some of the very best weight benches available on the market today, the kinds of benches you can comfortably and confidently invest in going forward.

Let’s dive right in!


1. Vanswe WB002 Adjustable Weight Bench

 weight bench

 One of the most complete weight benches available on the market today, this particular option is ridiculously affordable for everything it brings to the table – with a price tag of just $299.99.

Rated to handle 1000 pounds right out of the box, it features heavy duty stainless steel construction materials throughout with quite a few components that have been powder coated for durability that should last a lifetime (and then some).

Multiple layers of heavy duty foam padding sit atop the bench itself for improved stability and quite a bit of extra comfort while you lift, and the manufacturer guarantees that this weight bench doesn’t have any “memory” over time that may cause an uncomfortable lifting platform as the foam wears out.

Infinitely adjustable, this bench can be locked into a 0° flat position but can also be declined all the way back to -20° or inclined all the way up to 85°. You could do the Incline bench press and decline bench press. You’ll be able to knock out all kinds of exercises with a bench this flexible, especially when you add in the fact that the seat itself can be independently adjusted to between a 0° and 20° incline position.


2. Vanswe WB001 Adjustable Weight Bench

 workout bench

This weight bench is kind of like the “little brother” to the weight bench from the same manufacturer we highlighted above, a little more bare-bones and offering only a little bit less in the flexibility and versatility department – but it is still a top-notch option anyone would be happy to add to their home gym set up.

Featuring the same stainless steel construction materials as the weight bench that we highlighted above, as well as the 2 inch thick foam for stability and comfort, you’re going to get the same kind of performance and durability that you’d expect from this manufacturer.

This bench can also be adjusted from between -20° and 85°, running a full range between maximum declined and just about straight up right – giving you the chance to knock out everything from a full decline press or dumbbell fly routine to military presses and everything in between.

It’s also a little bit less expensive at just around $159.99 which is definitely going to help those looking to build out a total home gym on a budget start off on the right foot. 


3. Vanswe WB003 Adjustable Ab Bench Multi-Workout Sit Up Bench

abdominal bench

Peeling back the total amount of features even just a little more, this is another great weight bench from the folks at Vanswe even if the overall weight capacity is significantly lower than the top option we highlighted above.

This weight bench uses tubular steel construction materials that give it extra strength and durability but also help to cut down on the overall weight of the bench itself. While the total weight capacity sits at just 650 pounds that’s almost always going to be more than enough for most recreational and those that are serious about improving their health, their wellness, and the way they look and feel.

Split 2 inch thick foam cushions run throughout the center of the bench itself, and the rest of the set up is protected with 2.6 inch thick high density foam to provide for extra security, stability, and comfort while you are throwing weight around. Everything has been ergonomically designed to envelope your body so that you stay locked into the right positions while tackling heavier and heavier lifts.

This bench has no inclined positions but starts off at a 0% flat position and can then be declined into three different positions. The lack of an incline may be limiting for some, but at this price point (just about $179.9) this remains one of the best options money can buy for sure.

4. Vanswe WB005 Flat Bench 1000lbs Workout Utility Exercise Flat Weight Bench

Flat bench

Those that really want to strip down their home gym to only the essentials without having to spend a mountain of money are going to be over the moon with everything that this flat utility bench has to offer.

Combining the ridiculously strong components found in the first weight bench that we highlighted above (and offering the same 1000 pound weight capacity), it isn’t going to have the flexibility or adjustability as some of the other options you’ll find on the market today – but if you want a versatile flat bench to act as the cornerstone of your home gym it really doesn’t get a whole lot better than this.

2.4 inch comfort foam makes up the bulk of the bench itself (at least the part that you’ll come in contact with), and stability high density foam is included as well to help provide a little bit more security and a little bit more stability during your more challenging lifts. The cover is a double stitched vinyl material that can handle years and years of use and abuse without looking any worse for wear.

The frame comes with a five year warranty, giving you a lot of peace of mind as you’ll know that the company stands behind this product like they do all of their other weight bench options. At just about $99.99 it’s tough to imagine anything being a better option than this at the sub-$100 price point.

5. Vanswe WB004 Folding Weight Bench

 weight bench

If you’re looking for a foldable weight bench that can fold up and stowaway when not in use (instead of taking up all kinds of floor space and valuable real estate in your home or garage when you aren’t working out) that look no further than this option!

Rated to handle a 500 pound weight capacity right out of the gate but also able to fold up into multiple components so that it stores away as a 100% flatpack kind of system – but then is able to be deployed back in your home gym inside of about 30 seconds when you want to use it – there’s no better foldaway weight bench on the planet than this one right here.

Providing full incline and decline capabilities (decline can go as low as -30° and incline can go as high as 85°), the seat of this foldaway weight bench is also able to be inclined or declined as well. This opens up a world of exercise opportunities you just won’t find with most other portable or foldaway weight bench options.

At $139.99 or so you’ll never feel like you are breaking your bank account on this top-quality weight bench, either.



  • Solid bench in this article. I will buy the folding bench, cause area is not enough for equipment



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