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"we reward our exsiting customers and new ones, when you sign-up, visit and purchase from our site or our Amazon store, you will receive points. You could earn points to use on order discounts!''

      and more
          We change your points and reward program in minutes.


Sigh up to get 50 points. We will quickly update the points balance for our customers on the page. Any changes to a customer’s points balance are then logged and displayed on the left bottom of the page.



Earn 1 point per day for every visit, the points will be replaced with the actual amount of points awarded immediatly. You could follow and visit everyday to get more points. All the points will be showed at the left bottom of the page.


Points are earned for purchases. Customers could earn 2 points for every dollar spent. The more you spent, the more points you will get.By the way, if you bought from our Amazon Store, you could send us the order number and get the points.

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