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VANSWE 1000lbs Capacity Weight Bench - VansweFitness
VANSWE 1000lbs Capacity Weight Bench - VansweFitness
VANSWE 1000lbs Capacity Weight Bench - VansweFitness
VANSWE 1000lbs Capacity Weight Bench - VansweFitness
VANSWE 1000lbs Capacity Weight Bench - VansweFitness
VANSWE 1000lbs Capacity Weight Bench - VansweFitness

VANSWE 1000lbs Capacity Weight Bench

$289.99 $349.99


VANSWE WB002 Weight bech 

The WB002 adjustable bench is ideal for home and light commercial use, safety is not the only reason to buy a high quality bench, comfort is worth considering as well , this 2.5'' thick firm pad could give you comfort and support.

We all know how dangerous if you buy a cheap bench to use, our VANSWE WB002 bench is a fully adjustable bench, it has an 11-gauge steel frame, and smooth to use adjustament ladder, and it has 7 total back pad angles ranging from -20° to +85°. This bench is heavy, strong and rock solid.

From our cutomers bought this bench before, they told us this bench is a good value, we also sure you could enjoy your FID(Flat, Incline, Decline) fitness with this bench

By the way, you could use this with our squat rack or power rack.

Brand Vanswe Fitness
Material Steel
Dimension 58.3'' x 27.5'' x 17.7''
Seat position 0° 10° 15° 20°
Ladder Position -20° 0° 20° 30° 50° 60° 85°
Weight Capacity Over 1000- Pound Capacity
Product Weight 81 lbs
Warranty 100 days on pad, 10 years on frame


As a manufacture, our core mission is to create a better work/home environment that takes the stress off the mind and body by thinking ergonomically. Vanswehome carries equipment designed to take your fitness to the next level, we help you setup the perfect home gym, and commercial quality equipment to setup your venture into providing fitness for others.

Our products have been sold across 30 countries around the world. Each products we carry is thoroughly tested and designed to meet the needs of athletes that use their equipment on daily basis.

Keeping our manufacturing operations and hiring skilled workers results in higher quality products and more economic growth to replenish your inventories as sales increase, , finally send more orders back to our wholesalers. distributors, beginning the cycle anew.

With high quality equipments, cooperators with us have the ability to grow global businesses thrive.

The Advantage of Fitness Factory VANSWEFITNESS Products


We make a point to adhere to a rigorous attitude in our search for perfection and we procure our fittings from trusted suppliers only. Our quality testing is highly demanding as we want our product to be perfect in every way and provide you with the highest quality fitness equipment.

Exercise Equipment Design

We provide a wide range of fitness equipment with a unified appearance and functionality. We combine advanced technology and user-friendly design to create fitness equipment you can trust and use without an issue.

Cost Control

We focus on mass production under the guidance of our management personnel, which optimizes production costs, making it possible for our products to be offered at a reasonable price.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

This is an in-depth review of the Vanswe adjustable weight bench 1,000 lbs capacity, cost at time of my purchase was: $229.00 (photos attached)…

Shipment: My shipment arrived on time. Box was in perfect condition. I have never seen anything boxed like this weight bench. Packed in a really heavy cardboard box, 4 individual yellow plastic straps which were then completely covered with heavy duty transparent packing tape so they couldn’t be snapped in transit or work their way loose.
Shipment Rating: Excellent!

Opening the box: Amazed to find every side inside the box was lined with a wood panel, further insuring nothing could penetrate the box from either the inside or the outside to avoid damage in transit. All components were compartmentalized, and each piece was further protected by either Styrofoam, additional cardboard boxes inside, and every piece was completely wrapped and sealed in plastic bubble wrap.
Packaging Rating: Excellent!

Assembly: I worked completely alone to assemble. It’s important to know that I am neither mechanically inclined, nor do I often finding myself having to assemble things, so I have absolutely no expertise in putting things together, either from instructions or diagrams. There were in fact no step-by-step directions included. What was included was their manual which showed a numbered schematic of this weight bench numbering each part and showing where to attach each part to assemble. The small parts (mostly nuts and bolts) were all separately packaged and individually labeled in their own plastic bags. Working completely alone I put this together either using a combination of a small adjustable wrench and/or a ratchet wrench alone depending on how tight I needed to make the provided bolts. An Allen wrench also came provided to tighten two bolts. I completed assembly in just under one hour. I’m pretty sure I could have accomplished this even quicker if step-by-step instructions were enclosed which might have outlined a more efficient order to make assembling the bench even quicker.
How to Assemble Rating: Good!

Minor Problems: My unit came with one nut from one bolt missing, and two plastic end caps partially damaged. Enclosed with the weight bench came a black plastic, (credit card size) card with Vanswe’s customer service phone number. I immediately called, was told to put what I needed in an email to them (I was not asked to, however, I also provided photos of the two damaged end caps). The very next morning Vanswe responded. They had already ordered the plastic parts from an independent company, and within three days I received the nut from them and the plastic parts from a different vendor a few days later. They also followed up with me in a very timely manner to insure that the parts arrived and that I felt all my problems had been corrected in a timely fashion; I was!
Rating: Excellent!

Personal Review of Bench: My personal review after using this bench: It looks fantastic, actually even better than pictured! I am 5’10” and have friends who are 6’4” who worked out on this bench. All agree it is very stable in every position. Absolutely no fear of the back brace failing; no side wobble or movement of any kind. The back board (for the person who is 6’4”), found their head completely supported and on the board in all positions.
Rating: Excellent!

Recommendations: I also glued very large plastic furniture gliders to each of the three feet of this weight bench (SEE MY THIRD PHOTO showing one large slider on the front foot and two smaller round ones (not pictured) under the two rear feet). It now glides effortlessly over rugs and tile flooring without damage. Lifting with the built in handle works fine. I just find sliding it around to get it out of the way when moving it to do different exercises is quicker, easier, and a more efficient way of moving the bench around as opposed to lifting and wheeling it around.
Rating: Very Good!

Conclusion: My experience with both this company, its people and its product is that they are all top notch. I can only wish all company’s went out of their way to please their customers the way Vanswe does. I would not hesitate to purchase from this company again.


this is a nice bench with high quality weight capacity

This thing was a beast to put together. The instructions it came with weren't helpful or detailed at all. We got through it thanks to the install video the company created. Also, make sure you have a 15/16th indrive socket and wrench. We had to drive to Lowe's because the biggest we had was a 13/16th.

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